Primary (Preschool 3-6)

The Primary environments are specially prepared environments designed to nurture the development of children between 3 to 6 years of age. We offer an authentic three hour Montessori work cycle that includes activities in Practical Life, Language, Sensorial, Math and Artistic and Cultural Appreciation.

  • The Practical Life area focuses on the care of the environment, the care of the person, and development of coordinated movement.
  • The children refine their developing senses with all of our beautiful Sensorial materials.
  • Language is all around us with the spoken language of storytelling, poetry, songs, and books; as well as a complete area of hands on materials for writing and reading.
  • Our Math activities are hands-on and offer concrete experiences with number symbols and quantities.
  • There are also many Cultural Extensions through Geography, Music, and Art. Our art activities build upon the development of the senses and allow the children to dive deeper into their understanding of the world around them while exploring various media and learning about famous artists.
  • We spend time each day in our Outdoor Environment which includes a natural playscape and garden. We have access to a large indoor room, known as Clark Hall, for gross motor activity even when the weather keeps us from going outside.

Both of our Children’s House classrooms are led by trained Guides who hold diplomas from the Association Montessori Internationale, supported by at least one assistant. The Quetzal classroom has a capacity of 18 children, and the Eagles classroom has a capacity of 25 children.

  • Some children join us at 7:30 for early morning care in the  Eagles classroom.
  • Our school day begins at 8:30. During the morning work cycle, children pursue activities in the classroom, have a snack, and spend some time outside working on their gross motor skills.
  • Lunch and outside playtime begin at 11:30. At 1:30, we say goodbye to our half-day friends.
  • Children that stay for the extended day (until 3:30) are taken to Siesta (rest time) in the Eagles room or to “Owls” in the Quetzal room to enjoy a second activity work cycle in the afternoon. Any children that do not fall asleep within the thirty to forty-five minutes return to activities in the classroom.
  • Children that need care after 3:30 can look into signing up for Community Connections classes which are offered from 3:30-4:30 and 4:30-5:30 each session. A minimum of 5 children must be enrolled in our Community Connections classes for the class to be offered. Classes currently being offered include music, art, and drama. Anyone in the North Portland community (and beyond) can sign up for these classes, although Montessori House students are offered a discount on the already reasonable rates.

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