Our school

The Montessori House’s unique program offers authentic Montessori environments, Bilingual Education, and a focus on Environmental Stewardship. We have an in-home toddler community (aka “The Nest“) and two primary (preschool) classrooms located at our center location. Each environment is prepared with Montessori materials, guided by a Montessori AMI trained guide and one or two assistants. Each environment also has an hour of daily instruction in Spanish. The preschool students also enjoy Movement classes conducted in Spanish each week. Both, the Nest and Primary programs are licensed by the Oregon Department of Education.

The Montessori House strives to guide the child along his or her own individual path of construction while nurturing the social responsibility needed to live within a cooperative community. It is our goal to provide an environment that recognizes the authentic nature of the child.

If you’d like to follow your child’s development in the classroom, please make a request with your name and your child’s name at info@themontessorihouse.org to receive a link to our private platform: Transparent Classroom.

WHAT IS “TRANSPARENT PLATFORM”? We individually monitor and update your child’s activity in the classroom. You will be able to see all the lessons your child has had (introduction), the activities your child has been working on (practice), and pictures of your child working in our Montessori environment. You can also find a list of your child’s classmates and their parents (playdate!).