The Nest (Toddler program)

The Toddler Community, aka “the Nest”, is a mixed age classroom for children who are steady walkers to 3 years old. The Nest has a total capacity of 12 children with a 1:4 adult-to-child ratio. While the program follows a consistent rhythm of caregiving rituals, the schedule of the day (sleeping, eating, movement) for our youngest students is dependent upon each child’s needs. The toddlers’ daily routine includes a morning work cycle that offers activities that enhance their continued development of language, movement, and self-help skills, including toilet use. Children of this age love to mimic what they see the adults around them doing, which is reflected in our Practical Life activities. These are activities which allow the children to gain experience caring for themselves and their environment. In an effort to follow Maria Montessori’s vision to “give the child a home,” this environment is set up to mimic the four areas of the home which provide opportunities for movement, eating, sleeping, and personal care. There is also a focus on art, music, and outdoor play on a daily basis which is all in support of their developing minds and self-identity.