Volunteer Projects

Hello Families!

Thank you for everything you do for our school! We cannot do this work without you support and help. Here are some useful links for volunteering.

Each year we request our families to contribute to our community by volunteering 15 hours per school year. Each family will be billed $150 Community Enrichment Fee on your June invoice. For each volunteer hour you complete and submit, we will deduct $15 from this fee. If you complete the requested 15 hours of volunteer time, your entire fee would be waived as you will have enriched our community with your time.

You are responsible for completing and reporting your volunteer hours by May 15th in order for us to deduct your hours from the Community Enrichment Fee. Please do so on the form the below:

• Fill out the Volunteer Hour Submission Form 2022-2023 to enter in hours.

                  Check your Hours HERE: (coming soon)

Questions about volunteering in our community or need help finding a hours? Please email megan@themontessorihouse.org

  • Build/install Covered Areas
  • Install Heating Lamps
  • Refinish the surfaces and grips of the climbing wall
  • Add ribbons (cut plastic table cloths) to play space
  • Building storage shelving for play space supplies, this will go next to the play house
  • Spruce up water wall
  • Spruce up sound wall
  • See-saw/teeter totter with log and board
  • Cut wood slices to be used for building outside.
  • Wash atrium windows
  • Dust
  • Floors, swept, mopped
  • Clean tables and chairs
  • Tighten tables and chairs
  • Clean refrigerators
  • Clean carpets


  • Create a pulley w/bucket into playhouse window from the big tree
  • Cutting tree rounds/sand the disks: various sizes
  • Bury 1/2 a tire (paint inside of it white)
  • Install shelving and chalkboard


If you will be doing some cleaning around the house you may find some of the items we are looking for! Please consider donating:
  • Water pump
  • Planks (2-8 ft)
  • Trucks and cars
  • Sticks
  • Mirrors
  • Boxes (big moving or appliance boxes)
  • Tires
  • Galvanized Cans
  • Pully
  • Bells
  • Loose parts (nature and other)
  • Plywood
  • Buckets
  • Kids tools
  • Magnets
  • Plastic gutters
  • pipes
  • Plants/Seeds
  • Pots (big – plastic is ok)
  • Balls
  • Flagging tape
  • Outdoor Fabric – colorful