Volunteer Projects

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We have Work Parties scheduled for the next two Saturdays, March 18th and March 25th. The work parties will run from 9-2. You can come for the entire time or for just a portion of it, whatever works best for your schedule.

  • Remove plantings from hill
  • Smooth out hill, adding the soil to the window boxes, planters and anywhere else needed.
  • Add wood chips to entire courtyard and backyard space.  Nest will also be using our pile. This will need to be transported to the Nest.
  • Make stage to replace gravel pit.
  • Chalkboard wall-added to the stage area
  • Water pump installation
  • Add ribbons (cut plastic table cloths) to play space
  • Turn upper hanging bar into a xylophone
  • Play house using pallets- total 6 needed.  Any leads on non treated pallets would be great.  bringing them to school- Fantastic!
  • Building storage shelving for play space supplies, this will go next to the play house
  • Indoor/outdoor carpet for mud control at entrance to courtyard
  • Benches installed bordering the unused fountain, made from the unused stumps
  • Fix hanging bar so that it doesn’t spin
  • Bury three tires for balance work on courtyard
  • Spruce up water wall
  • Spruce up sound wall
  • See-saw/teeter totter with log and board
  • Gather limbs from the Nest and cut to make discs
  • Repair gates
  • Staple plastic fencing on top of courtyard
  • Non-slip strips on ramp to slide
  • Wash atrium windows
  • Wash classroom windows
  • Clean cubbies
  • Dust
  • Floors, swept, mopped
  • Clean tables and chairs
  • Tighten tables and chairs
  • Clean refrigerators
  • Clean carpets


  • Garden bed prep
  • Add plants/seeds to various areas
  • Create a pulley w/bucket into playhouse window from the big tree
  • Cutting tree rounds/sand the disks: various sizes
  • Add mulch
  • Add sand
  • Install hanging bar
  • Bury 1/2 a tire (paint inside of it white)
  • Power wash everything out back
  • Add mural or other area(s) of color
  • Reinstall sail cloth shades


If you will be doing some spring cleaning around the house you may find some of the items we are looking for! Please consider donating:
  • Water pump
  • Planks (6-8 ft)
  • Trucks
  • Sticks
  • Mirrors
  • Box (big moving or appliance boxes)
  • Tires
  • Galvanized Cans
  • Pully
  • Bells
  • Loose parts (nature and other)
  • Plywood
  • Buckets
  • Kids tools
  • Magnets
  • Plastic gutters
  • PVC pipe
  • Plans/Seeds
  • Pots (big – plastic is ok)
  • Balls
  • Flagging tape
  • Fabric – colorful
  • Plexiglass