Lending Library

This is where an overall general paragraph about the Lending Library will go! We will likely have to create a separate page for each category of material, as more videos are added, to help people find what they are looking for. Perhaps for now we can list them in alphabetical order? Below is an example of what the videos all might look like, with descriptions:


Binomial and trinomial cube

I looked on Transparent Classroom to try to cut and paste info from there to here, but the info looked overly complicated, perhaps just repeating what you say in the video. I think an introductory paragraph here on the site for each material might be helpful, though: just a short what-it-is-and-why sort of thing? Whatever you think is appropriate. You cannot upload videos to Transparent Classroom, but can easily embed them in each lesson there, if you want to do that. More info below…


Constructive Triangles

Here is a future short blurb on this material. BTW, here is the Transparent Classroom link on how to embed videos there; scroll down to “Add a Video to Lesson Description”: https://transparent-classroom.helpscoutdocs.com/article/250-sharing-a-video. Also, it is very easy to embed YouTube videos here on WordPress: Click “Add Media” on the page editor screen, then click “Insert YouTube” at the menu on the left, then search your name, then you can find which video you want to add, all within WordPress.


Spindle Boxes

Here is one more example. Spindle Boxes are really cool. You can count them, and stuff. They are designed to aid in the child’s something-or-other.