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  • Preschool Art with Jessamyn Johns Location: Art Room.

Join us for some fun in the studio! In this class, the children will be free to explore art in many forms including printmaking, painting, drawing and sculpture. We start off with one main project a day. This might be a technique that may be new to them, or an old messy favorite, but then the rest is up to the students depending on what is available that day. The children may move around the studio finding something that inspires them. These can be collaborative projects or solo work, this is a very child led class.

Jessamyn Johns has been teaching art to children in St Johns for 7 years. Her love of craft and experience working in many mediums brings a variety of projects to the classroom. She graduated from Cornish College of the Arts with a BFA in Printmaking and Photography.

  • Preschool Creative Movement with Jessamyn Johns Location: Community Room
This class focuses on developing flexibility, coordination, strength, balance, and motor
skills by utilizing props, music, instruments, and imagery. Class begins with an easy to
follow warm up that guides children through basic, gentle stretches and simple strength building movement. Children are then given individual attention as they move “across the floor”. “Across the floor” exercises include basic ballet and jazz technique such as plies, chasses, battements, and passes. Class ends with games that encourage individual choices and free form movement or with a gathering that includes books on different styles of dance and the culture that comes with each style.
Jessamyn started dancing formally at 4 years old and has continued her love of movement in many forms since in various degrees. She has experience in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Modern, Contemporary, Belly Dance, Swing and Contra.