Classes offered by The Montessori House

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  • Preschool Art with Jessamyn Johns Location: Art Room.

Join us for some fun in the studio! In this class, the children will be free to explore art in many forms including printmaking, painting, drawing and sculpture. We start off with one main project a day. This might be a technique that may be new to them, or an old messy favorite, but then the rest is up to the students depending on what is available that day. The children may move around the studio finding something that inspires them. These can be collaborative projects or solo work, this is a very child led class.

Jessamyn Johns has been teaching art to children in St Johns for 5 years. Her love of craft and experience working in many mediums brings a variety of projects to the classroom. She graduated from Cornish College of the Arts with a BFA in Printmaking and Photography.

  • Preschool Drama Location: Community Room.

This class will explore dramatic arts and storytelling. Children will experiment with performance mediums like dance and acting to tell a narrative. Together we will investigate the stories that are important to us, how to structure those stories and then how to share them with an audience.

  • Dramatic Masks and Prop Making Location: Community Room / Art Room.

In this class we’ll focus on elements of storytelling, including props and mask making. I will work with students on basic components of plots and character development to enable them to tell their own imaginative stories.

  • Clay Arts Location: Art Room.

This class involves basic through advanced ceramic techniques, including hand building, and glazing. Dig in! Sculpt! Pound and roll! Projects will be kiln fired, the children will take home completed work at the end of the session


  • Beginning Music 

The Cultivating Rhythm, Pitch and Love for Song!” class is an immersion into listening, singing, and movement. Students will learn to understand music through voice, guitar, piano, and strings. We will be dancing, learning to move with beat, and exploring the basic comparatives of music ( such as dynamics, and tempo). Activities will include: singing, dancing, rhyming, storytelling and learning Solfege with hand signs. The underlying goal is to create a love of music through listening and development of the musical language.


  • Outdoor Explorers

This “Gardening, Nature and Games” program is all about being outside for warmer weather, yay Spring! Explore natural materials and learn about plant and bug life while engaging in outdoor games.