Preparing the Entryway

Raising Reciprocity Podcast Episode #4

Megan and Kate share practical tips for preparing the entryways at home and school that support smooth transitions when coming and going. Yep, we’re talking less yelling! Less last minute scrambling! And a more settled feeling that comes from heading into your work or school day knowing you have what you need with you!

(0.44) The Prepared Entryway

What does an entryway have to do with the development of a child? Does the set up around the door of your home support your mellow, or make you want to look away? When the space is set up with consideration for functionally for each individual in the home and obstacles are removed so even the youngest child can behave with greater independence you will all enter the world outside the home more present for the day!

(1.20) Activism At Your Doorway?

Are you really an activist if you take time to prepare the entryway? Yep, You are! When we support a person’s development so that capable and confident attitudes reside within their self identity, you support this person’s role in activist work. When the design and functionally of your house supports the wellbeing of those within, they leave your home with greater presence of mind as they enter public spaces. This better prepares them to look outward, to ask questions and speak up when they see and hear inequities. 

(3.22) The Entryway, What’s it Look Like?

 Hooks, a coat tree, mats, baskets, a place to sit, cubbies; these are all possible tools as you assess the size of the space, the needs of those living in your house, the climate & season of where you live and the gear that’s needed.

(9.11) Check Yourself!

 Is there room for a mirror in the entryway?

(9.34) Beautify Your Space

Being around things that delight our senses simply put, makes us feel good. This is true no matter your age. Provided there is room, does a plant, a photo of loved ones or a gorgeous piece of art belong near your coats and shoes? We think so!

(10.00) What’s Working? What’s Not?

Clutter building up? Still getting cold because the hat gets forgotten? Dirty socks on the floor? Sports seasons change? Kid got taller? Adapt as the current needs of the people in your house change over time. 

(12.54) Go Low!

Wait, what? We mean physically, and only for a monument. Lower yourself to see the space at the level your child(ren) sees it. Ask if there’s anything you can tweak that would make the space more workable, or more beautiful, for them.

(13.35) “I Can Do It!”

 An “ I can do it” attitude can grow within your child(ren) when the layout within the home considers how the child can operate with independence. The benefits of incarnating this attitude are lifelong. Coupled with other lessons along the way this is a way children grow into teens and adults who stand up and do anti-racist, anti-bigot, pro-environmental work.  

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