Isn’t It Wonderful?

Raising Reciprocity Podcast Episode #3

Megan Eskander and Kate Mullican are educators, parents, activists that have been operating a Montessori preschool in Portland, Oregon for the last decade. In this episode they share a go-to phrase that each has used in their own parenting and educating that opened a door for learning many wonderful ways to be in the world! Children make observations and share them, often bluntly! Learn this phrase and have it at the ready to start breaking down stereotypes and biases! 

(0.37) Parenting as Activism

We are trying our best to raise children that are part of a world that is more harmonious and equitable. Bring intention and an activist mindset to your parenting and move feelings of overwhelm to positive influence.

(3.58) Know Your Culture 

Put words to your culture. Name it, know it, bring your children into it with clarity. Learn about various cultures and push the learning beyond stereotypes. Give yourself time to reflect on and talk about your biases about aspects of one’s culture, yours or otherwise.

(6.12) “Isn’t It Wonderful”

A simple phrase that now lives in your activist parenting tool belt that can be used to build shared experiences with your children while out in the world making observations. Use it in the fight against racism, body shaming, abilism, othering and more. You just might feel like you have a super power! Credit to Jo Ann Mundy trainer with Crossroads, Anti Racism, Organizing and Training. 

(10.16) Baises: helpful or hurtful?

We can partially thank the human brains predisposition for creating baises for our very survival as a species. We needed our tribes back then to fight off predators and find food. Fast forward: biases, stereotypes, ignorance of various cultures are still creating fear, yet we no longer need to be protected in the way we once did. Be an activist, influence your bias creating brains and those of your children. 

(11:34)  Tip of the Day

Try it out. Say, “Isn’t it wonderful” and see where the conversation takes you.

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