Back to School!

We are excited to be starting our 13th school year on September 7th! Our founding director, Megan Eskander, and lead toddler guide, Kate Mullican, have started a new podcast, Raising Reciprocity! This week our episode focuses on strategies to ease the transition of going back to school! Have a listen and follow Raising Reciprocity on Apple, Spotify, or Podbean. Let us know what strategies you are using to have a smooth transition back to school!

With back to school season upon us let’s explore how you feel. It’s a time of transitions, seasonally and in routines with school’s opening their doors. Where do you find yourself on the scale between anxiety and excitement for the various aspects to come and what are you doing to prepare yourself?

(0.53) Prioritize Your Care and Preparation 

What are the healthy habits you do to take care of yourself? Put them into plan now in support of yourself for the changing season.

(2.52) Leave Time for Connection

No shame in setting up adult supports for yourself. Plus, there are benefits to saying no to invitations or opportunities in order to unschedule your calendar, leaving time to process emotions that may sneak up on you. Yep, you have permission to be a rebel and say no to being busy all the time!

(5.26) Tips for you and Your Child to Collaborate On

As you model your stress management techniques, use them as a teaching opportunities for your child. Consider weekly meal planning, collaboration on household upkeep, being intentional about your child’s bedtime, and setting up for a smooth morning through preparation of the evening before. Do you need to do all of them? Nope! Just the ones that work well for you and your household.

(12:51) How Much is Too Much Screen Time for a Child?

Here’s a review of recommended screen use by age group and what we see in our classrooms when children get screen time before school.

(14:50) Social Stories- A Tool to Support Changes in a Child’s Life

Example given that could be used for children ages one through early elementary years focused on the start of school. Just might help limit the number of nervous butterflies on that first day of school!

(17:34) Does My Child Need a Desk?

Defining a child’s workspace can lead to periods of concentration and wow, that can be truly satisfying! 

(18:30) The Witches Hour

Explore why sometimes children act “witchy” in the evenings and how you can prepare for it. 

(20:16) Give Yourself an Hour 

Reflection in planning can ease much stress that lives in your ever chattering mind. Give yourself a moment and then set some of these strategies into motion!

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Share what you are doing to create ease at the start of the school year for you and your child, send us a question, or share tips about what has worked well for you in the past.


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