Week 2 in the Eagles Room

Week 2 in the Eagles Room!

Exploring the World Map. Introduced as a Sensorial material, puzzles provide opportunity to develop hand/eye coordination as well as visual discrimination. The world map is also a launching point for our cultural awareness studies. We will soon start exploring pictures and books about different places around the world – highlighting similarities and differences among cultures.

Language Activities! A is working on Parts of a Bird while M is working on different dog breeds.  These are both Enrichment of Vocabulary activities designed to enlarge the child’s vocabulary, help the child’s classification skills, build self confidence in language, and refine auditory memory, not to mention these are great preparations for further studies!

Fun times outside! The slide is one of our kids’ favorite activities outside!

Birthday celebrations! We recognize the anniversary of our students’ birth as a community. Food and gifts are not part of our celebration. We have a simple birthday gathering where we share some milestones or events of each year of the child’s life, along with photos demonstrating their growth. (An information-gathering sheet is sent home prior to their birthday.) The children hold a globe and take a trip “around the sun” to recognize each year of their life.

A visit from Carolyn the Librarian. We feel so lucky to have our local children’s librarian come to us for our very own MH story time. The kids LOVE these special visits with interactive activities and chants along with engaging read alouds by Carolyn.

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