Talk: “Lead your Tribe with Family Meetings”

In healthy families, children are the focus, but parents are the center. Parents take the lead in creating a home environment in which their children can thrive. Families meetings provide the structure to support children’s social and emotional growth and overall functioning as a family unit. Regularly held meetings help clarify family values, resolve conflict, develop goals and  provide support. In addition to making our lives as parents easier and more streamlined, family meetings provide children opportunities to learn and practice skills necessary for being successful students, friends, and community members. 

Join me for a FREE talk at the Montessori House on Thursday December 7 from 6.45pm-8pm to learn more about why and how to lead your family meeting.

All are welcome. Call 503.313.4802 or email to register. Space is limited.

Lael Petersen, LCSW is a mother, therapist, yoga teacher and health coach with over 20 years experience helping parents and families thrive. She maintains a private counseling and coaching practice and leads dynamic group experiences for women.  Learn more at

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