The wolves in Oregon

As you may know from the posters the kids took home, we had a wolf expert come to our school this week. She showed our students how real wolves are nothing like the cartoons want to show us (I.E.: The Beauty and the Beast, The Three little pigs, Little red riding hood…).

They are smart, strong and kind, and care about their family just like us. We were lucky to hear real life stories about big sisters teaching and helping pups out (rather than their moms), and of course Journey‘s love story: a wolf that spent 3 years walking (yes, you read right!) between Oregon and California until he finally found his perfect mate. He is now 8 years old, which is pretty rare for a wolf living in the wild. Click here if you want to learn the whole story about Journey aka *Wolf OR-7, and his 1,200-mile trip.

*He’s called “OR-7,” as he was the 7th wolf tagged with a GPS location-tracking collar in Oregon.

Wolf OR-7 Story Map by the Wild Peace Alliance Wolf OR-7 Expedition. View Map.

They got paper “wolf ears” and spent their outside time howling away! If they were ever afraid of wolves, I don’t think they are anymore 🙂

Today, Oregon is home to about 150 wolves, 12 packs and eight breeding pairs. If you’d like to learn more about the wolves in Oregon, please visit this link on Oregon Wild.

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