Hands-On Language with Kate Simer

Learn Spanish while using your imagination and having fun!  Inspired by TPR, James J. Asher’s methodology of fusing movement with language, this dynamic program encourages a relaxed and joyful mood while learning Spanish. Each class is based on a specific theme and new words are practiced with hands-on arts+crafts projects, games, songs and stories.

Registration is open for the next session. We hope you’ll join us! Please contact Kate at handsonlanguagepdx@gmail.com with any questions.

Tuesdays, 2:30 – 3:30pm
April 4th – May 16th
10 sessions = $190 + $10 material cost
*5% discount offered for signing up with another student
*alternate days/times possible, just ask
*financial assistance options available
Children who are not Montessori House students are welcome.
You can find more info about Hands-On Language on their website and Facebook page. Gracias!! 🙂
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“My youngest son, Holden, has been part of the Hands-On Language program for only a few months yet his vocabulary and enjoyment of Spanish has grown exponentially. He comes home each week excited to share the words he is learning, and even more excited, to practice them in the world around him. Not only is Teacher Kate loved by her students and parents alike, but her approach to teaching Spanish means that students are immersed in a range of learning activities, from singing and dancing to painting and drawing to story telling. As a teacher myself, I cannot overstate the value in this pedagogical approach as it fosters student participation and engagement in a way that they find meaningful. And there is no greater value than when our students connect learning to their lives.” – Laura Hoffar

“Watching Emmylou pick up Spanish so quickly in the Hands-On Language program has been pretty mesmerizing. Kids this age are obviously sponges, but there’s something more going on. It’s not just learning new vocabulary words (thought that’s awesome, too!), but this immersion program has her constantly asking questions about Spanish equivalents for lots of other everyday things…sensible things, weird things…which send my wife and I scrambling for Google translations. You can tell how proud she is of her new knowledge and, since I’m now the only non-Spanish speaker in the house, has even offered to teach ME.” – Bart Blasengame

“My little one loves Kate!  Sometimes we have trouble with drop offs at various camps, but she is always happy to go to Spanish.  Kate has a gift for making learning fun and feel like play.  This program is a great way to keep Spanish in her life.  So happy to have Hands-On Language.” – Nicole Blanchette

“Week-after-week Jaiquin comes away from Spanish telling us “it was great!”. He likes the variety of activities they do, from singing and games to crafts and storytime. The art projects tie in vocabulary that they are learning, and while their hands are busy working, their ears and brains are sponging up language. Jaiquin likes the small size of the group and how the kids interact with each other in the class. Above all, he really loves teacher Kate. As his mom, I love seeing him having a positive learning experience. Being serenaded in Spanish by my 5-year-old son is just icing on the cake!” -Wendy Crabtree

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